Food and Spice Applications

PER-FIL Industries provides Low and High Volume powder fillers to Start-ups, established Private Food Producers, Co-Manufacturers and Multi-National Corporations, who require Reliable, High Quality Food Packaging Equipment to meet their unique production needs.

Entry Level Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers
Compact Micro Doser
Model Micro-Filler
Compact Micro Doser Auger Filler model Micro-Filler

Invented in 1994, the most popular compact auger filler among companies who require flexibility and reliable performance.  The Micro-Filler Series Auger Fillers can dose a wide range of products DUST FREE.  Fill sizes range from a few grams to 500 grams.

Full Size Economy
Model E-11
Auger filler for spices and food entry level model E-11

The Entry Level E-11 Auger Filler is a full-size powder filler machine, capable of filling small and large sizes well above 2  kg.  Perfect for all types of Spices, Baking Mixes and Flours.


High Performance Automatic Auger Fillers
Single Head Servo
Model MF-11C-FG 
Automatic Servo Auger Filler model MF-11C

The High Performance model
MF-11C-FG Food Grade Servo operated Auger Filler is designed to give the operator the highest level of flexibility and performance when filling the most challenging powders, granules, pastes.  The MF-11C-FG can also fill processed foods such as Cooked Rice, Guacamole and even Diced Tomatoes using our proprietary ported tooling.

Model MF-2C-FG 
Automatic Servo Dual Head Auger Filler model MF-2C

Ideal for Co-Manufacturers who need 24/7 production and flexibility to run 100+ SKU's.  Dual-spindle in one common hopper.  Large 5 cu. ft. filler hopper capacity with a reduced overall footprint.  Bulk feed one filler, not two.  Available with a Built-in Checkweigher for continuous feedback and correction.


High Speed Automatic Auger Fillers
Model MF-XC
High Speed Automatic Auger Filler Multi-spindle Inline

Ideal for High-Speed applications to fill Non-Free-flowing and Free-Flowing spices.  The MF-XC directly dispenses your unique product into rigid containers.  No need for product to drop through a series of funnels, becoming aerated, changing bulk density, effecting performance and creating excessive dust.  With the integrated pneumatic lift and dust terminations, your high-speed production line will run clean, fast, and accurate.    

Video: Multi-Spindle Powder Filler

Model 28-RCM
High Speed Rotary Auger Filler

Ideal for High-Speed applications to fill Free-flowing granular spices.  When required speeds are 100 cpm or higher, the RCM High-Speed Rotary Continuous Motion Auger Filler is a great solution.

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