Toner Applications

PER-FIL Industries manufactures High Performance Toner Filler Machines and Turnkey Packlines for every leading Toner Manufacturer and Recycler in the Toner Industry, since 1974.

Semi-Automatic Toner Fillers
Compact Entry Level
Model MR-1T
a.k.a. The Original Micro-Recharger
Toner Auger Filler MR-1T

First of it's kind.  Invented and Patented in 1994, specifically for the Recycle Industry.  The most popular compact Toner filling machine among companies who require flexibility and reliable performance.  The MR-1X Toner Auger Filler can fill Toner into a wide range of cartridges DUST FREE.  Available Volumetric or Fill-by-weight.

Compact Toner Filler w/ Drum Dumper
Model MR-1T with integrated DD-1

Toner Auger FIller MR-1T with Drum Dumper

MR-1X  with DUST-FREE Bulk Feeder.

The Original MR-1 with the DD-1 Drum Dumper.  Bulk feed the MR-1 DUST FREE.


Dual Servo High Performance
Model Micro-2
Dual Servo Toner Auger Filler

Full-size DUAL Spindle Toner Filler.  Designed for mid-to-high Volume production, the Micro-2 Toner Filling Machine is a High Performance Servo Operated Toner Filler.  Fills two cartridges simultaneously.  One common hopper simplifies bulk feeding.

Servo High Performance
Model MF-11T
Servo Toner Auger Filler MR-1T

HIGH PERFORMANCE Full-size Servo operated Toner Filler.

Automatic Toner Fillers
Automatic Toner Filler / Turnkey Packline
Model MF-11TFP
Automatic Toner Auger Filler Packline

Every Toner manufacturer and Toner OEM in the world uses a PER-FIL Toner Filler.  High performance Toner filling, efficient cartridge handling.  DUST-FREE.

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